"Streamline All the Sources of Your Purchase"

Since our establishment in 1970, we at Dainan Trading Co., Ltd. have remained committed to our management philosophy, which states that "In both the destination and the source lies profit." By this we mean that we benefit equally from both the network of customers who purchase from us and the suppliers from whom we purchase. This philosophy, instilled in each and every staff member at our company, has allowed us to help our partners achieve profits, which in turn has sustained our continued growth.

Our services are not one-way services. We often purchase our "customers' products" and resell them to our "suppliers." As customers and suppliers change sides, we help them find the products and information that they need via our global network. This allows our network to extend two ways: from Japan to the world and from the world back to Japan. For Dainan, all of the world's markets are simultaneously both "destinations" and "sources."

Our focus on customer and supplier satisfaction has expanded our business network to more than 30 countries throughout Asia and beyond in the form of exports, imports and cross-trading of a broad range of lines, from metals / insulation materials to electrical apparatuses and machine parts. From small tool parts to large machine tools ? just let us know what it is that you need on your shop floor, and we'll deliver it right away through our extensive global network. With more resources being allocated to Marketing since 2007, we have continued to remain proactive in developing new markets, including peripheral equipment and testing equipment for chip fabricators, and chemicals for mine operators and copper refineries to name but a few.

True to our slogan, "Streamline your sources," we will not only broaden product knowledge but also always consider what our customers truly need, so that we can assist them in reducing their costs and improving the efficiency and productivity of their operations. As we continue to deepen a mutual understanding with our customers and suppliers, we sincerely hope to be of great service to our valued partners.

Daisuke Takeshita